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Synosure Games is pitching to a room of 200+ investors today at StartEngine’s Demo Day (powered by Accenture). We’re unveiling what this two man team has accomplished within the 90 day tech accelerator program – which is crafting a unique  Zombie Apocalypse experience on Mobile! Finger’s crossed… we’re going for the gusto!
It’s been a crazy, unforgettable experience within the 90 days at the Tech Accelerator… as I wrote in my feedback of my time at StartEngine (Powered by Accenture) — this is what I had to say: “”StartEngine was an incredible experience that helped me evolve in many ways, personally and professionally. We’ve found ourselves in an environment where creative energy constantly flowed throughout the office. Howard was always there when we needing consult, never afraid to give us tough love, which often was a much needed kick in the ass. We’ve received mentoring that helped us quickly adapt to thinking outside of the box, and to go beyond our comfort zones. Lastly, to me, the most important thing I take away from this experience, was working alongside other amazing start-ups and the individuals who defined them, all making our mark in the LA tech scene.” [p]


So there you have it, after all the nerve wrecking pitches, the going out of our comfort zones to mingle and network at Mentor Mixers (like Batman- I’m not much of a people person), the long commutes on the 405…all the blood, sweat and tears… it all boils down to tomorrow. Win or lose, I think we’ve made the most of the resources given to us in 90 days. I’m proud of this two man team, and regardless of outcome, we’ve succeeded, Synosure’s star is shining in the sky now. I hope this is the beginning, and from here on out we’ll be able to grow our team and game library. Go for broke! [p]

Here is the Announcement Trailer we’re going to be showcasing tonight… presenting… CostZ of Living!

[youtube id=”1Ep65LeUSOE”]