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LACurrent base of operations: Westwood LA

Hello world! Thank you for visiting our official website!  I initially pondered whether or not to communicate through this blog in a third-person professional manner, but after a little bit of thought, came to the conclusion that it’s best to keep it from the heart and just speak as fellow gamers. So here we are, Team Synosure, which is currently an army of two, working in beautiful Southern California. Synosure was formed on the notion that Mobile games in their current state, are mostly defined by casual games. You know, the Angry Birds, the CityVille this, Farmville that… and quite frankly… Mobile deserves better than that (not that there’s anything wrong with casual titles!).  At Synosure, we’re more interested and dedicated to catering to the Hardcore demographic, whom make up 29 million players in the United States alone. I’m willing to bet my entire Star Trek collection a vast majority of these individuals own a mobile device, whether it be a phone or tablet. But due to the lack of engaging titles, they stick to their consoles, PCs or portable handhelds. And while on that subject, here at Synosure we do hope to expand to consoles and/or portable handhelds one day, but right now… we’re going to take on the Mobile platform challenge first. I believe if we can make quality, awesome games on Mobile, than we can graduate to the next level. But yeah– so back to it:  a good chunk of Core gamers carry mobile devices, and the technology is on par to deliver engaging gaming experiences, if done properly. So let’s get to it!

So allow me to tell you a little bit about this little game studio that could. Synosure Games was founded and incorporated around February 2013 and the founders are Thuan Ho and Benedict Choy. I’m Thuan, and I’ve been working within the game industry for over nine years now, mostly grunt work in the trenches but incredible experiences nonetheless. My background is Art (2D/3D etc) but back in my Art Institute days, was known as a Jack of All Trades. I met my CTO Benedict (alumni of UCI – go anteaters!), also developing games at a prior studio and from there we set off on this grand adventure. Ben and I frequently game together on Live, mostly Mass Effect 3 and Halo 4, our favs. I think a lot of what we love, shines through our everyday lives, our work and work ethic. Our dream project would be an epic Science Fiction piece, though that’s not our first project. We’re kinda testing the waters with our two-man team at the moment. But more on that later!

SELogoSynosure Games is part of the Q5 2013 Lineup at StartEngine

I‘ve had the notion to form a game company since probably around 07’, the recession was in full swing and things were pretty unstable, especially for me. Lay offs after projects or just companies being run through the ground and letting their employees go. I ran into a lot of nightmare scenarios. When I met and worked with Ben, we, along with several other of our teammates, had a well-oiled machine and such untapped potential that was cut short because the company we worked for had to “restructure”. So there I was, back on the unemployment line, due to no fault of my own – and we all disbanded, having  gone separate ways. Finally then, I said… “enough was enough”. I love making games, I love working with people who are equally as passionate, so I’m going to do this right, or at least see it to the very end.”  But to form a legit game studio is no walk in the park. Sure, you have things such as Crowd-funding (ie Kickstarter etc), but I didn’t want to just fund the game. I wanted to fund the company (plus Crowd-funding is over saturated nowadays which makes it more of a task). I wanted a solid company to grow. So that I could assemble the team and maybe some fresh new faces to make games we love, with little disruption.

Anyways, my cousin is really big on the Tech scene up in Boulder, CO and got me into entrepreneurship  and the Start-up lifestyle (He’s currently interviewing with TechStars regarding his start-up idea). So with his motivation and encouragement, I researched Tech accelerators and incubators within the Southern California area. I was fortunate to stumble upon StartEngine’s site one fateful night. I did my readings… most of their mentors are industry figures, many whom I’ve come to admire and respect. But above all else, the founder of SE was a former founder of Activision and CEO. It was a long shot, but I had a crazy gut feeling, this was the one to apply to. I filled out the application for Ben and I, and within minutes received an interview invitation. This totally blew my mind, because prior to, I’ve read within forums of many people getting rejected within a few days of submitting. We were on our way to meet with the founders of SE by next week. We came in on a beautiful Thursday morning, gave our weak-sauce pitch (I look back and laugh now). I was shitting bricks, but Ben was calm as a cucumber (programmers!) – in spite of my ramblings and stuttering… we somehow impressed Howard Marks (the founder) and following a brief tour of the work space, were accepted into the 90 day program. This totally blew my mind, I had read a blog somewhere about some guy from Europe flying all the way to LA to give his pitch and got rejected. But here we were, on the road to fulfilling a dream. We’ve received our initial seed investment and an arsenal of resources and mentors at our disposal. The rest is history.

As I’m typing this, we’re about halfway through the program – it’s really awesome working alongside other start-ups, and I have to give a brief shout-out to the other game company within the program: Yummy Yummy Tummy, they’re specializing in educational mobile games for kids. They’ve have been really great friends and support throughout our time here. Back to us, we’ve got less than two months left (as of typing this entry, but one month as of publish date) to complete a solid prototyped build to pitch to investors at Demo-Day 2013 which falls in June. The two of us demoing our game to a room of 300+ investors. No pressure!

SneakPeekOur first title – Codename: Project Zombie Costco

Still working out some legal stuff with the game so can’t get to much in detail about it right now. I can just say it’s based on an idea I’ve had for a very long time, and involves Zombies. Who doesn’t love zombies? Or at least killing them. It’s going to be free to play, and we’ll be making additional premium quality content for it. Stay tuned!

And….that’s it for now, thank you for visiting and reading. Please connect with us on the social networks above and help us spread the word. Every little bit counts. We’ll be working on a Youtube video to introduce us and the game more extensively so hope you’ll tune into that. This is Team Synosure signing off.