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After wrapping up StartEngine’s Demo Day, we’ve hit the ground running and continued to develop and polish our game to show to potential investors and/or publishers… or just friendly Zombie hunters passing by.

Sure, we could complete this game with just the two of us… but ideally we want to put more coats of polish on it and implement game-play mechanics and features we wouldn’t be able to otherwise without proper funding and more hands on deck. This is our first title, so we really want to deliver something worthy to the players.

But I digress…here we are, recently wrapped a major milestone and the game has solid flesh and bones (playable with five environments). Now it’s time to build some muscle and get some armor on this bad boy (Levels-Game Modes-Challenges oh my!). Here’s a screenshot of the latest iteration (far from done!) of one of the later levels. While on the subject, we’ve also come up with over a hundred challenges and achievements for the game which was really fun.

Oh, one more thing, one crucial aspect we’re focusing on is to construct a custom back-end for the game that allows us to take the game’s social interaction to the next level and draw in and engage more players. Four months left until launch, no pressure!

Thanks for reading, sorry if this post was a little half-assed… crunch time was an insomnia-fest! That being said, we’re looking for a Social Media Intern (see Jobs section)!